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Helen Evans

Creating moments that last a lifetime

I am Helen Evans a North Yorkshire based celebrant. My mission is to create bespoke, unforgettable ceremonies that celebrate your life's milestones. I completed my professional training with the International College of Professional Celebrants and am part of their community where we support each other to develop and grow.

With keen attention to detail, I provide writing and planning of ceremonies for weddings, funerals, vow renewals, and baby naming, in fact any of the things in life you want to celebrate.


I bring to my celebrant role lots of life skills, having worked with families for many years.  I am passionate about making sure your ceremony reflects your unique personality. Let's work together to express your joy, humour, quirkiness and love to create something truly special!

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Creating unique ceremonies for a Wedding, Funeral, Vow Renewal, and Baby Naming that reflect your personality.

Let's do things your way to reflect your style and personality.

We could include a ritual such as ancient Celtic hand fasting where ribbons are used to bind the hands signifying 'tying the knot'. Sand blending to signify the blending of two families.  Music plays a part in almost every area of our lives, which music would you choose?

I take great pride in creating one-of-a-kind ceremonies that reflect your unique personality and vision. 

Are you looking for a traditional ceremony or something more unconventional?  Do you want to dance down the isle or walk on petals?  Shall we spotlight certain characters with humour and love?  Will there be live music or a favourite backing track?

I will work with you to make your celebration unforgettable. Contact me today to get started!

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Contact Helen

Are you interested in learning more about my services?

Do you have a question or comment?  Would you like help to think about how to incorporate a ritual into your ceremony?

I would love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below and let's get started.

Helen Evans Celebrant
North Yorkshire, UK


Tel: 07743 001622

Thanks for Contacting Helen!

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